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In the KNOW!

Diann Schindler served 25 years in higher education, first as an instructor of writing and ultimately college president. When she retired, she dabbled in tennis, music, and writing. Yet, her dream was to travel and write books. In 2015, her fantasy was realized.

She sold her house, her car, and all her possessions, save her tennis racket and Taylor guitar, and began her odyssey in Portugal. Four years later, Diann had explored 46 countries in 5 continents.

With world as her muse, this solo nomad wrote her first novel, “Just A Girl” and it sold very well. It was ranked “sixth best coming-of-age fiction in 2107” by Amazon.

Her friends, in American and abroad, urged her to write

Loiba, Spain

 her nonfiction book, “The Essential Guide to a Life of Travel: the ABC’s International Travel.” 

Her third book, “Claim Denied”, an electrifying international cyber-espionage thriller, emerged from her experiences as a higher educational consultant at an American university in Kosovo. Publication is early winter, 2021.

Diann's podcasts are fun, informative, and lively, focusing on her travels; personal experiences, challenges, and reflections; writing tips; and love stories, fictional, of course.

For now, Amelia Island, Florida is her home. When she isn’t writing, podcasting, biking, or swimming, Diann is drinking wine with friends.

You can reach her through her website, DiannAbroad, or at  She would love to hear from you! 

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Jan 7, 2019

In this "In the KNOW!!" podcast show episode, I have the honor of interviewing Dr. J., Ph.D. and former sex therapist turned erotica writer.  We discuss how she came to choose sex therapy as a career, her teaching techniques, her philosophy and approach to writing sex-positive sex scenes, as well as her leadership in teaching others to write appropriate sex-positive sex scenes.  You DO NOT want to miss this episode!

Please comment, review, share, retweet, and stay tuned for another interview with Dr. J.  Thank you for listening.

Dr. J.'s Website:
  • Facebook: @DrJAuthor
  • Twitter: @DoctorJAuthor
  • Instagram: @drjauthor
  • Pinterest: @drjauthor_
And her upcoming events:
  • Speaker: Amelia Island FL Book Festival February 15, 2019, 1 pm
  • Reading and Discussion: "Chem Sex Vol 2 Just One More" May-26-2019 4-6 PM at the Amelia Musical Playhouse, Amelia Island, FL  
  • Speaker. Florida Writers Conference:"How to Write Sex Scenes." October 17-20, 2019 
 Coming Soon. "Erotic Whims with Dr. J." Podcast Show
New Releases Spring 2019: "The Sexy Librarian's Dirty 30, Rule 24 Weird and Wonderful Fetish Anthology and Chemical Sex Vol 2 Just One More" on AMAZON

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